Standard Press Brake

accurpress press brake

Accurpress combines great selection with great pricing for superb value. The standard Accurpress press brake offers repeat accuracies of +/- 0.001" as well as numerous features and options tailored for sheet metal and fabrication applications.

Features of Standard Accurpress Press Brakes

  • High Repeat Accuracies
  • Built with North American Components
  • Tonnage Limit Control
  • System Overload Protection
  • Adaptable Design
  • Power Ram Tilt
  • Maintenance Free Bearings
  • Flush Floor Mount
  • Unique design
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For those who need better repeat accuracies, take a look at the Accurpress Advantage Press Brake package.

Accurpress CNC controls are industry leaders for ease-of-use, competitive pricing, and time-saving, fast setup features. Each Accurpress press brake is shipped with the basic ETS pedestal control as shown below.

Add the extra features and functionality of CNC gauging with our full range of gauging systems, from the entry level ETS100 to the highly automatic, multiple-axis, ETS3000 and Vision controls. You'll find the productivity enhancements of our CNC gauging well within your budget.

The ETS100 and ETS200 controls are pedestal mounted, while the ETS3000 and Vision are pendant mounted on the right side of the machine.

CNC Backgauges - Light Duty all the Way to Heavy Plate Applications

Weather you need a manual backgauge or one for heavier applications, Accurpress has something for everyone.

  • Accupress Titan Backgauge - Accurpress has designed the Titan backgauge for their larger tonnage press brakes for heavy structural plate applications.
  • Accurpress Supreme Backgauge - The Supreme Backgauge is designed and manufactured by Accurpress and offers 6 axes for the ultimate in gauging precision.
  • Accurpress Premium Backgauge - Premium gauging is available for all Accurpress models 60 tons and larger and with our full line of controls
  • Accurpress Elite Backgauge- The 6-axes Elite Backgauge (X1/X2, R1/R2, Z1/Z2) offers additional versatility and functionality for those precision jobs looking for a complete range of gauging motion.
  • Manual of Power Gauging - Accurpress offers a variety of gauging solutions from the Manual X-Prime, R and Z gauges to our efficient power upgrades.

Press Brake Tooling

Accurpress press brake tooling system's primary purpose is to provide you with cost effective, high quality tooling solutions for your press brakes tooling requirements. Accurpress uses only the finest quality materials to deliver long-life and utmost accuracy from all of thier press brake tooling. You can rely on Accurpress and Modern Machinery's experience to aid your forming success.

A Full Product Line of Press Brake Tooling

Accurpress produces a full line of semi-precision press brake tooling in lengths up to 24', for coining and air bending applications, with over 1500 standard tools available. This press brake tooling is a very cost effective solution in many precision bending applications.

Numerous Ram Clamping Options

Accurpress offers a full range of precision manufactured manual and hydraulic punch clamping systems designed to meet a broad spectrum of operating needs and to save you money by reducing set up time. Regardless of your application, Accurpress provides clamping solutions for most ram and tool configurations, including adaptors from one system to another.