press brake tooling

Press Brake Tooling

Accurpress press brake tooling system's primary purpose is to provide you with cost effective, high quality tooling solutions for your press brakes tooling requirements. Accurpress uses only the finest quality materials to deliver long-life and utmost accuracy from all of their tooling. You can rely on Accurpress and Modern Machinery's experience to aid your forming success.

Accurpress has your press brake tooling solution!

  • Accurpress Premium Press Brake Tooling
  • Accurpress European Style Precision Ground Press Brake Tooling
  • WILA American Style Press Brake Tooling
  • WILA New Standard Press Brake Tooling
  • Custom Press Tooling
  • Tool and Die Accessories
  • Manual Ram Clamping Systems
  • Hydraulic Ram Clamping Systems
  • Die Rail Crowning

A Full Product Line of Press Brake Tooling

Accurpress produces a full line of semi-precision tooling in lengths up to 24', for coining and air bending applications, with over 1500 standard tools available. This tooling is a very cost effective solution in many precision bending applications.

Numerous Ram Clamping Options

Accurpress offers a full range of precision manufactured manual and hydraulic punch clamping systems designed to meet a broad spectrum of operating needs and to save you money by reducing set up time. Regardless of your application, Accurpress provides clamping solutions for most ram and tool configurations, including adaptors from one system to another.

Wila Tooling Available

Wila offers a complete line of press brake tooling and accessories to reduce press brake setup time and to produce high quality parts.

  • Press brake tooling segments instantly snap in and out of the upper ram
  • Enables the world's fastest tooling changeovers
  • Supremely accurate -- both tools and toolholders are precision ground to 0.00039"
  • Bending contact points are laser-hardened to 60 HRC for durability

Add Wila tooling to an Accurpress Accell press brake and increase your machines precision.