Press Brake Backgauges

accurpress titan backgauge

Accurpress offers several different backgauges from the basic manual backgauge for light duty work, all the way to the Titan backgauge for larger heavier tonnages.

Accurpress Titan Backgauge

  • Accurpress has designed the TITAN backgauge for their larger tonnage press brakes for heavy structural plate applications.
  • Every component is engineered and sized to withstand massive forces and shock loads that often exist in fabricating environments where large plates are being formed.
  • A 4 kw, 4.4 horsepower, servo-drive motor is used on each X-axis to provide the necessary muscle to assist in the movement or squaring of plates prior to the bending process.
  • Life-time lubricated precision linear bearings are incorporated into the TITAN design allowing for smooth operation of the axes.
  • The absolute ultimate in X-axis shock load protection is incorporated into the backgauge design via ACME lead screws due to their unsurpassed ability to handle shock loads -with each X-axis capable of a 65,000 lb. static load capacity and 20,000 lbs of dynamic load capacity.

Accurpress Supreme Backgauge

accurpress supreme backgauge
  • High acceleration and deceleration speeds provide the versatility for production runs and complex bending routines.
  • Rigidity is ensured by the use of linear guide rail systems and precision ground ball screws.
  • The Supreme Backgauge is designed and manufactured by Accurpress and offers 6 axes for the ultimate in gauging precision.

Accupress Elite Backgauge

accurpress elite backgauge
  • The 6-axes Elite Backgauge (X1/X2, R1/R2, Z1/Z2) offers additional versatility and functionality for those precision jobs looking for a complete range of gauging motion.
  • The precision fingers are machined with three gauging positions that provide a minimum of 39" (inches) of X-axis travel to the tip of the finger.

Manual or Power Gauging

accurpress manual backgauge

Accurpress offers a variety of gauging solutions from the Manual X-Prime, R and Z gauges to our efficient power upgrades.

Accurpress Premium Backgauge

accurpress premium backgauge
  • Premium gauging is available for all Accurpress models 60 tons and larger and with our full line of controls
  • Offered with the ETS3000 control (up to 5 axis) and is available as an optional gauge with the ETS100 and ETS200 on all Accurpress models.