ets 3000 control

ETS 3000 Press Brake Control

The ETS 3000 press brake control offers an exceptional level of automation in press brake operation, producing significant time savings.The ETS 3000 is easy to operate, intuitive, and helps reduce costly setup time by steping an operator through new job creation.Offline programming is also possible via mapped local area network or though USB.

Benefits of the ETS 3000

  • Quick on screen job finder catalog
  • Unlimited program storage with up to 50 steps per program
  • Jobs are identified by a user assigned descriptive name
  • Tool library with up to 100 sets of tools

Some Features of the ETS 3000

  • Toolsets are automatically suggested based on calibration data
  • New material may be created and stored in the Material Database as confirmed from trial bend data
  • Bend allowance software enables bend allowance and blank lengths to be automatically calculated and allows flange length corrections to be stored for future calculations
  • Job setting screens customize the way jobs are reviewed, edited and saved
  • Angle correction, bend deduction data, customer and operator information, run time, set up time can be stored for local and global use
  • Programmable tonnage reversal, stroke length, speed change point, ram delay, slow ram return, backgauge retract distance and automatic bed crowning for each step
  • Bend simulation checks for interference and tool overload