accurpress edge press brake

Accurpress Edge Press Brake

The Accurpress Edge press brake is made in America with only the best components. The Edge offers reliable Y1/Y2 technology, high ram speeds, multiple axes backgauge functionality. We offer a number of optional accessories that will make your Edge even more productive and profitable.

Benefits of the Accurpress Edge

  • Easy to use Graphical Controls performs bend simulations to prevent errors
  • A Variety of Models & Configurations customized to your specific needs
  • High Speed Forming with advanced closed-loop hydraulics
  • High Repeat Accuracies up to +/- 0.0004"
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The Accurpress Edge Hydraulic System

The Accurpress edge hydraulic system is specifically designed for synchronized Y1/Y2 press brakes. The easy access, low noise, system features an impressive rate of ram approach and return speeds with +/- 0.0004" ram repeat and positional accuracies. The ram to bed parallelism is maintained independent of load and oil temperature.

Advanced Electronics Technology

  • Programmable ram tilt +/- 0.500
  • Linear encoders using a chromed glass scale with output signals less than 0.0002 resolution resulting in real time ram positioning
  • Electrical cabinet design complies with ANSI B11.3 and Canadian Z142/02 standards
  • Simplified layout of the electrical cabinet allows for reduced wiring, easy maintenance and troubleshooting
  • Integrated Safety PLC provides reliable monitoring of all safety related functionality of the press brake such as: E-Stop, safety valves, foot and palm switches

Features of the Accurpress Edge

  • Y1/Y2 Technology:
    Synchronized, high speed forming via advanced Hoerbiger closed-loop hydraulics. The Edge utilizes one compact central manifold to offer excellent repeat and positioning accuracies with low pressure losses and high power density.
  • High Accuracy:
    Ram position accuracy and ram repeat accuracy of +/- 0.0004"
  • Programmable Ram Tilt:
    Programmable ram tilt of +/- 0.500"
  • Advanced Electronics:
    Linear encoders using a chromed glass scale with output signals less than 0.0002 resolution resulting in real time ram positioning.
  • Low Maintenance Ways-system Technology:
    Ram stability is maintained via a solid ways-system mounted on the outside of the press brake side frame. Components are impregnated with a proprietary blend of graphite, PTFE and metal oxides provide long-term stability with miniscule maintenance.
  • Customer preference of
    Quick Change Tooling System and CNC Crowning System factory installed.