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Accurpress Accell Press Brake

The Accurpress Accell press brake is designed and built in North America by Accurpress, the leading manufacturer of press brakes for more than 30 years.

Benefits of the Accurpress Accell

  • Frame
    The Accell frame is built using only high quality mill certified steel. The welded construction rovides the structural stability to ensure consistent performance with a minimum of forming interference and deflection.
  • Linear Guides
    INA track rollers riding on hardened tool steel guide bars provide maximum contact area for sustained accuracy and a long service life. This design is built to accommodate off center loading when stage bending.
  • Linear Encoders
    Ram position is moniatored and updated every two milliseconds during the bend cycle. Linear encoders mounted independantly from the frame provide real time ram positioning that is not affected by bending force.
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High Tonnage Press Brakes

Accurpress also offers high tonnage press brakes, from 685 ton to 3,000 ton. Accell is your solution for profitable forming of large parts and heavy plate.

Tandem Press Brakes

Tandem press brakes offer a cost effective solution for forming long length and complicated parts.

Four Point Ram Guiding System

  • Four point Ways System for ultimate stability of the ram
  • Accell models, to to and including 485 tons, have large rollers installed on a hardened ways system
  • Accell models 685 tons and larger models are engineered with self-lubricating wear strips
  • The four point Ram Guiding System allows Accurpress to offer presses with extended strokes and still achieve the ultimate ram stability

Hydraulic System

  • A Three Manifold Hydraulic System
    • Y1 cylinder manifold
    • Y2 cylinder manifold
    • Central pump manifold
  • High Accuracy/High Response Proportional Directional Valves
    • +/-0.0004" repeat accuracy
    • +/-0.0004" positional accuracies
  • Safety monitored through PLC hydraulic valve
  • Integrated hydraulic tool clamping system

Accell Features

  • High Speed Forming 24" per minute bending speed using full tonnage and 48" per minute bending speed at reduced tonnage on 90 ton through 485 ton models.
  • Generous Stroke Length The Accell is manufactured with an impressive stroke length of 14" for the 90 through 985 tonnage models and is increased to 18" for larger models
  • Programmable ram tilt
  • Electrical Cabinet air conditioning with purchase of elite supreme gauging system
  • Lighted work area
  • Micron filtered hydraulic oil
  • Deflection compensation is a recommended option. The bed surface is machined for your choice of crowning system.