Accurpress Absolute Press Brake

accurpress absolute press brake

The Accurpress Absolute press brake is configured to provide both high quality and a standardized package to fit the metal forming requirements of many sheet metal fabrication industries within North America, in model ranges from 50 through 250 tons and up to 14' bed lengths.

Standard Features of the Accurpress Absolute

  • Y1/Y2 Ram with +/-.0004" Accuracy, Repeatability, and Parallelism
  • Servo X and R Premium Backgauge
  • Delem DA56 Control
  • Accurpress American/Euro Quick Clamps
  • Closed-loop Proportional Hydraulics
  • CNC Hydraulic Bed Crowning on all 75 Ton and Larger Models
  • Machine Groove in bed
  • 24" Swing Stock Support Arms - 1 Pair
  • Tooling Package
  • Wired at 460V (Step-down auto transformer required for 208/230 voltage)
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Four Axes (Y1/Y2, X, R) plus Crowning

delemda 56 control

The DA-56 provides a compact and versatile solution for powerful economic press brake applications. The CNC control is based on the latest technology giving flexibility to use. On board USB interfacing gives a fast product and tool backup medium.

Some of the many Delem features include:

  • Y1/Y2 programmed via degrees
  • Automatic calibration of all axes, bend allowances and blank lengths
  • Memory stores job program data on tooling used, bend sequence, backgauge position for each job
  • Enhanced Bend Allowance software allows flange length correction to be stored for future bend allowance calculations
  • Based on trial bends, new materials can be created and stored in the Material Database
  • Programmable tonnage reversal, bend speed, ram delays, slow ram return, and automatic
  • Processed workpiece counter
  • Bend simulation: checks for interference and tool overload

Fast and Precise Gauging

accurpress premium backgauge

Some of the many Premium Backgauge features include:

  • Modular design achieves maximum strength and high accuracy
  • Large section extrusion and roller carriage castings ensure accurate positioning and durability
  • This gauge integrates seamlessly with the Delem Control
  • Easily upgradable to power options and additional axes
  • Optional X-Prime finger
  • Low profile - the gauging fingers are always the highest component enabling you to position bending materials without interference

Tooling and Ram Open Height Configurations

Each Absolute is shipped with a tooling combination package that includes an upper punch and lower 4-way die or a single V-opening lower die, as represented in the illustrated drawings.

  1. Ram
  2. American/European Quick Clamps
  3. Upper Punch
  4. Lower Die
  5. Bed Cap/Die Holder
tooling configuration