The New Accurpress Edge Press Brakes are Equipped with the NEW Vision Control

Take the guess work out of programming your press brakes.

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press brake backgauge

A full range of press brake backgauges from single-axis to multiple-axis each offering incremental levels of job automation.

  • Accurpress Titan Backgauge
  • Accurpress Supreme Backgauge
  • Accurpress Premium Backgauge
  • Accurpress Elite Backgauge
  • Manual or Power Gauging

We've got the right backgauge for your business.

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The NEW Vision Control

accurpress vision control

The new Accurpress Vision Control is a ground-breaking, revolutionary press brake control software system.

Vision streamlines and automates your press brakes programming and operation unlike any other control. The Vision control working in combination with our state of the art press brakes; laborious, frustrating, time consuming trial-and-error prototyping has become a thing of the past.

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Types Of Press Brakes

types of press brakes

We offer several different styles of press brakes to suit your forming requirements including;

Accurpress press brakes provide exceptional value and years of dependable service.

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